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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2014 2:00pm-2:29pm EDT

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say treat. each other. hello and welcome to our g.'s newsroom i'm nice in our way tonight gas is all russia shuts down the flow of free fuel a new pay as you go system is in effect this is the war rages on a nice ukraine russian embassies are being attacked and ukrainian diplomats are dropping the diplomacy plus advices continues its takeover of iraq we call out tony blair's bluffs about the country and look at his call for intervention once again your in the not.
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russia has stopped gas deliveries to ukraine that's it enough is enough key of debt is huge four point five billion dollars supplies will resume only if and when ukraine pays off just under a half of this amount plus provides money upfront for future deliveries no cash no gas it's as simple as that the price per cubic meter is three hundred eighty five dollars that's the offer it was higher at first but still not higher than market price gas problem then offered a hundred dollar discount but kiev didn't take that price instead the new government there demands the same discount set for ukraine's ousted government this while being boldly anti russian well can have had more than one chance to clear their debts without russia halting gas flow four chances actually four deadlines passed before this last one. they transferred some cash at first then nothing i
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know it's confusing so here's a simple analogy that i've put together let's say that you're a baker and you have a very friendly neighbor who buys your bread he chooses you because you're close and have the cheapest prices for old friends just one dollar per loaf while an average price is about two dollars one day your neighbor stops paying because he's decided you're not a friend anymore you're an ice breaker so you give your neighbor a credit line since he clearly needs bread to survive so take away your friendly discount but still set a lower than average price for a neighbor say a dollar fifty he takes the bread but still refuses to pay and already owes you some four hundred and fifty dollars what your next step you stop selling the bread until they can pay right well it's not the way the story is being presented in western media misconception number one russia has raised the gas prices out of nowhere not true it just cancelled
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a huge discount misconception number two russian made no concession what about a hundred dollar discount and dead line delays four times what about seven rounds of negotiations that doesn't count apparently and finally a new gas deliveries are safe thanks to ukraine which says it has enough gas stored up so it won't siphon transit supplies that's true but more than ninety percent of that gas is russian and it's not paid for but meantime gazprom says that kiev has threatened that it will take as much transit gas as it needs for free which it has done before the executive director and co-founder of the brussels energy club to tara joins us live in the now tonight and you've been in contact with people from gasper on do you think they did the right thing shutting off the tap. well you know thank you it's a pleasure to be here with you again. i don't know if it's about doing the right thing like i told your colleagues earlier i don't think there's any real justice in
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this kind of gas business if you like there is a kind of market mechanisms for deciding gas prices there's also government agreements for deciding gas prices but i think the question is more about choice and did moscow have a choice. in terms of taking its decision today to move to the advance payment system. i think they probably did have some choice i think they probably could have . could have kept negotiating with the ukrainian side however if you take this story from a deeper structural perspective i think it's not a matter of kind of did they do the right thing but it's rather a matter of. gazprom having now taken a policy of trying to move the gas pricing relationship closer to a commercial level ok so you are and i just want to get spencer right you're
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suggesting that gazprom perhaps let negotiate go go on for perhaps a couple nother deadlines and just let ukraine not pay for this gas. well it's not about not playing i mean ukraine has defaulted on payments in the pasta and we've not seen you know punitive retaliatory measures from gazprom perhaps that was fair or a political winds than what we're seeing right now of course we're doing seeing these negotiations take place against the backdrop of the most. you know the worst fallout in political relations between kiev and moscow that we have ever seen since the collapse of the soviet union so there is a factor there but i think you know overall gas problems could have negotiated a little bit further could have given a little bit more time to ukraine we have see. you know
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a ukrainian government to pay some money but the bigger issue is that gazprom is trying to move ukraine to a price which is closer to commercial realities and this has a long lead up to it and from gas from specific perspective i could very much understand that view because. let's say gazprom so you management is saying that they have long been subsidizing defectors subsidizing the ukrainian economy for low gas prices. but again that has been during bad political times that. do you think that it could right now there are four point five billion dollars let's say russia didn't shut off the tap today how many billions of dollars do you need to add up on this bill before russia can fairly and without criticism say ok no more free gas. well i don't think it's really
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a matter of time to be honest with you because the the money transfer relationship between kiev and moscow is not totally transparent we've seen more. give kiev advance payments. in the form of credit lines in the past to pay for gas debts and again like i said just like the earlier this has been during fair a political wins at the moment the political winds are very hostile and you know they're looking in the shadows i mean i'm not trying to be a conspiratory here but the just operating route i want to make sure that i get is as you have seen it i'm sorry to interrupt you again i want to talk about the e.u. how much danger is there that their gas supplies will be affected. i think not very long at the moment the worst thing that gas from can do to its image and to the relationship between russia and the west east to actually harm.
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called track chill obligations of gas deliveries to e.u. clients we've seen of today go out in public and state that there will be. no disruption to e.u. supplies but they'll be no negative fallout for e.u. customers so i don't think we should take that message lightly gas problems responsibility before its european clients is very substantial with european clients which are very very good at the moment gas problems are always had very positive relations with with its european partners and has tried to give them advance warning. you know in previous disputes situations with ukraine so i don't think we're going to be seeing an immediate negative fallout on the e.u. cost of us tara executive director and co-founder of the energy club thanks so much
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for joining us tonight in the now. well russian diplomatic missions in ukraine have become targets of violent protesters pro and anti russian mobs clashed outside the consulate in some people reportedly trying to get explosives into the building this is after russia's embassy in kiev was vandalized by gangs it threw stones molotov cocktails and threw nazi symbols on walls and cars outside of the building over the weekend but ukraine's interim foreign minister also showed up to cheer on the crowd. because it was so but i was at the for you. good job the crowd cheers him on very diplomatic about moscow's refusing to deal with him anymore you have sort of. i'm not going to have any dialogue with energy because we have nothing to talk about. but joining me live in the now tonight is.
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going to talk about the diplomatic moves we're seeing from ukraine she's been writing extensively on the situation especially in the u.s. how do you see the future diplomatic relations between moscow and kiev going from now on with this latest development name calling blatant name calling. thanks for having me first of all well i have to say this is most obviously incredibly professional coming from the highest levels of government this is a foreign minister that you know has quite the potty mouth and of course this constant conjunctions in conjunction with your it's in your official statement in english on an embassy website about quote unquote subhumans in the east. which presents of pattern of unprofessional behavior problem of the ukrainian government think of it this way how long will use this kind of language about a year of another country we would never hear the end of this why do you think you
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have it so reluctant to condemn attacks on russian diplomats and any kind of diplomatic mission in ukraine when it comes to russia. well there could be a number of explanations think of it this way the state has the i don't wholly on order if it feels to do so as had been the case in. the vandalism this weekend there are two reasons one could be that the state just too weak to do so perhaps you're going to kind of situation that had occurred at the end on now being channeled in the direction of the new government or the other explanation is that it wants to condone this behavior deliberately think of it this way crossing onto an embassy is territory could be construed as an act of war and in this particular situation it comes after the it's you know it's very machines have crossed from ukraine on over the russian border just a few days ago so perhaps these are deliberate attempts repeated attempts to drag
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russia into the war that it's not seeking i want to talk a little bit about the east because i know you're following developments there very closely civilians very much telling danger slowly but sure the information seems to be getting out not nearly as much as it should have but where do you see do you see any letup happening in terms of the so-called antiterrorist operation in the east of me a few problems since last week one of them was to hold the operation by the end of the week and the second promise was to open up those so-called humanitarian corridors neither a lot of protestants was kept as we know and in fact there has been an escalation with for instance the warming of hospitals much very few centers and so forth. so i really don't see a simple solution to the situation because there is absolutely no one unique asian with any of the leaders in the east whatsoever in somalia and population is being targeted out of their mass. flow of refugees loyal in fact into your russian
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audience you're creating which kind of shows you where the cars lie and independence hall and you know cooper anima with us now live in the now tonight thanks so much. well gas wars diplomatic struggles with russia they go on despite a real war unfolding in the east of ukraine we just heard from nina about that and here's how you crane officials reacted to some convenient reporting from the area by an italian journalist i just want to say what i've seen you can call them terrorists people who are weapons and money from russia but it's not true these are ordinary people without any military experience. i believe that he describes what he saw but it's a clever operation by russia's intelligence services to create this perception that will further be spread by foreign journalists in the west and unfortunately in ukraine. i don't know what information you have but i have seen ordinary people who
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picked up arms and that's scary. and you know you look like the ukrainian talk so expect them to say something anti russian and he just said what he saw he's british in fact and he indeed is known for his harsh criticism of russia well coming out we call out tony blair's bluff on iraq a decade on and he's still calling for intervention say in the now. there's a media leader so we believe that maybe. the same motions secure. your party years
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ago. are shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are today. to genetics but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was there are things to learn from believing in eighty feebleminded still today those are the few i don't know why not a luxury but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that right.
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dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world writes never. come full picture of today's news moved on to and from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. i. welcome back you're in the now one by one iraqi cities are falling to the radical extremist group the islamic state in iraq and syria or isis the iraqi army is not coping current crisis has all the makings of a civil war and the u.s. is now mulling direct talks with iran to help john kerry has said american drone
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strikes are not off the table to help quell the spread of isis and their destruction some haunting pictures of executions by the hottest group have emerged images online are in fact much worse the group which splintered off of al qaeda is said to be more cold blooded and extreme now despite the clear evidence that iraq has fallen apart since the u.s. led british backed invasion and subsequent withdrawal some ten years later some politicians are adamant that western actions in iraq have nothing to do with the current chaos and it was the right decision. you know we can rerun the debates about two thousand and three in the perfectly legitimate points either side but where we are now in two thousand and fourteen we have to understand this is a regional problem but it's a problem that will affect us yes let's really run those debates and call out tony blair's top bluff's on iraq this one we all know very well that rock has chemical
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and biological weapons. that saddam has continued to produce them. that he has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical or biological weapons which could be activated within forty five minutes no he didn't but after it became clear there were no w m d's there was still an argument years later. i would still have thought it right to remove them i mean obviously you would have to use. than deploy different arguments about. the nature of the thread. deploy different arguments about the nature of the threat i'm going to call that bluff blair basically said we would have found a different excuse but the iraqi people whose only true hope lies in the removal of saddam for them the darkness will simply close back over they will be left under his rule without any possibility of liberation liberation never came in fact many
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argue that as horrible as saddam was it was still better than what we're seeing today now we want to give you the chance to rebuild your country to rebuild your lives to give your families a chunk of that better future and a better future never came hundreds of thousands of iraqis are dead that's a conservative estimate and tony blair is still going on. they stopped long since given up and tried to persuade people it was the right decision. no you haven't tony blair spent most of the weekend trying to convince us that dragging britain into iraq was a mistake and once more action is needed again and not only in iraq but in syria as well joining us in the now is british m.p. george galloway he's a well known fan of mr blair why are former officials like tony blair and current ones like william hague still defending iraq it's collapsing do they really think that the current situation has nothing to do with the invasion in two thousand and
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three well there's a national consensus emerging here stretching from the mayor of london across parliament and most of the media including right wing newspapers that supported the war at the time that mr blair may have become mentally unhinged certainly einstein's definition of madness namely. to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result means your probably mentally unhinged seems to apply here because mr blair was as you said this very weekend not only defending what he did and there are precious few people anywhere in the world who will be found to come on television and defend. to say that we should do it again mr blair wants us to read invade iraq but he seems like mr haygood right because we.
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well mr hague said that we were right to invade iraq he's not saying we should invade it again blair is more of our he's saying that we are only in this position because we didn't invade syria and here we come to the ultimate part of docs of our time britain and the united states are supporting these al qaida fanatics in syria which is only a couple of hours drive away from their heart london iraq whilst encouraging us to feel the end of the world is coming when those al-qaeda fanatics cross over into iraq those of us who are against al qaida wherever they are are of course being amply vindicated because the pictures that you describe that the fanatics are put out themselves i suppose we should be grateful that they're not yet eating people's
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hearts like they were doing and videoing themselves for the entertainment of the world doing it have not yet emerged from iraq but the hideous throat cutting and mass execution of people the humiliation of people as the kill them is a merging no from the fanatics themselves but the truth is this group isis used to be called the i still they became strong and powerful because of western monetary and so-called non-lethal military aid these toyota vehicles that they drove into mosul in were given to them by the british and american governments but across the border in syria this is the kind of madness that western policy has become. pretty simply george galloway with us live in the now tonight from london thanks so much for your time welcome.
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my. american police in some cities are being heavily armed with military hardware made for war zones guess why it's because there's tons of expensive gear left over from lengthy foreign campaigns here's an important ion how some of it has not even been used and the president and pentagon don't want all those tax dollars to go to waste . as america continues winding down its longest streak of war soldiers are returning home and so is their military arsenal a used armored vehicle that will be used during swat calls and other emergency situations nine foot tall mine resistant trucks specifically designed to survive roadside bomb attacks are parked all throughout the u.s. local and state police departments have acquired more than four hundred m.
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wraps and silencers and tens of thousands of m. sixteen machine guns and night vision equipment is a new paradigm is in the military paradigm militarized police and the problem with that is when they look at american sort of golf when they see me combatants this is all made possible through america's military transfer program created in the ninety's when violence and drug gangs plagued major cities today crime in the u.s. has fallen to its lowest in a generation and the special response team in richland county south carolina looks like this ready to take on the taliban should it invade the self this year the thing that it's doing is basically just making it more and more obvious that iraq they are being watched their eyes are police forces are being turned into soldiers iraq war veteran emily yates says her country's law enforcement is being trained to fight against the public instead of serving to protect it they should be trained to deescalate any violence or gresham that's happening but instead the
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police are showing up and causing violence and aggression people are just afraid all the time and for no reason our country has never been invaded we have no foreign army at our doorstep however a sheriff in indiana claims his county needs m. wraps to protect against possible attacks by veterans returning from home i see a lot her annoy about that her that i don't like it usually excuse to harm bullies like their. you know like the people of afghanistan that we've got a problem but using that as a way to militarize the police for whatever they think might be coming in the future a future where america's local police forces will be prepared for war but who will they be warring against marina r.t. you know it's serious when a former police chief is worried that local officers across america getting geared up for war retired captain ray lewis sided with protesters after officers pepper
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sprayed peaceful demonstrators that knock you by wall street rally twenty eleven he told us that one probably wants police have more fire power and military gear their crackdowns could become more brutal than ever. high caliber weapons are extremely dangerous they have a very high ricocheting velocity and that means that innocent people are going to get killed and injured they will be shot they can go through doors they can go through cinder block they can go through metal car doors and this type of velocity is not necessary think of kent state. where they shot so many and killed so many innocent people and they were not high caliber weapons can you imagine a massacre that would take place at full force or had high caliber weapons they will sell this high equipment to prepare the maintenance for this will come from taxpayers' money corporate america will make billions off its all for this
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equipment you heard of the prison industrial complex you heard of the military industrial complex corporate america now wants to make a pall lease industrial complex well they'll make billions off the police department's scary stuff that doesn't for me tonight i want to leave you with a new song put together by a russian radio station about the star of the state department yes jen psaki is back in the now enjoy see you tomorrow. they don't stop you to come to. see. you. if. you.
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ingenues but eugenics vulgarized darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was a terrorist to learn from believing in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still the don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization of the basics for nazi ideology they don't stop at just sterilizing yet not going to now go to the point of death hated for years and rarely discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. the best series of golf basics right to. a polling going to
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be good news for you much more interesting to think every minute. of the balado of. my own life but. most of us to say the. most cases it's what's. sometimes from nothing. is so easy. to look just give up the story is still be just if you see a stage eight look to be. but speech was set in. the bank.